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Grand Blanc celebrates Charlie Carmody

BY TIM OTHY MUCCIANTE View Newspapers correspondent

Chris, Jonathon and Olivia Carmody paint the Charlie Carmody Spirit Rock after the ribbon cutting Chris, Jonathon and Olivia Carmody paint the Charlie Carmody Spirit Rock after the ribbon cutting Last Thursday night was a bittersweet one for Grand Blanc. Designated as Charlie Carmody Night at Grand Blanc High School, Carmody’s life, his contributions to Grand Blanc Community Schools, its students and community were celebrated. But the hugs, tears and palpable grief reminded everyone the Voice of the Bobcats would never be heard again.

Carmody’s voice could be heard all around Grand Blanc on home football game Fridays. As Voice of the Bobcats, he also announced basketball and track, among other events. Carmody died on March 29.

Thursday night’s celebration started with the Spirit Rock dedication in the lower parking lot of the high school. Grand Blanc Community Schools superintendent Clarence Garner led the dedication of the Charlie Carmody Spirit Rock. In attendance at the dedication were school board members, school teachers, staff members and community members.

At the Spirit Rock dedication, Garner said, “This Spirit Rock will be a place for our students to express their Bobcat spirit as Charlie had always wished. Students can use this rock as a rallying point for school spirit and a place to decorate, highlighting the Grand Blanc spirit that Charlie so embodied as a 1980 graduate, teacher, and long-time sports announcer.”

After the ribbon cutting by Carmody’s wife, Chris, his son Jonathan, and daughter Olivia, together they painted the Spirit Rock, followed by anyone else who cared to do so.

Just before the first home football game started that evening, the press box was dedicated as the “Charlie Carmody, Voice of the Bobcats Press Box,” by Garner. Before the press box dedication, Garner said Carmody meant a great deal to the school system and the community, “I think for me he can best be described as a unique individual that embodied the true spirit of what it means to be a Grand Blanc Bobcat. I think he was one of the greatest ambassadors for anything Grand Blancacademics, sports, fine arts, schools and community.”

The new football announcer is Mike Shuster, a chemistry teacher at the high school.

Shuster currently announces basketball and volleyball at the high school, and has previous announcing experience. He said he started using his announcing voice when he was 16-years-old working at a Winn-Dixie in Texas, “…because of my voice, they had me go on and do, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some sort of special over here in the produce section. Please make your way on by the produce section to pick up your grapes’ or whatever.”

Shuster recognized the weight of the legacy he is following. “For the last several months I've toyed with my mind what is Charlie and what is Grand Blanc in terms of the announcing cause I don't want to step on what Charlie has done,” Shuster said.

Still, Shuster said he needs to announce his own way, “I have to be my own person so there's a little bit of nerves in just making sure that I honor Charlie and I want to make sure that whatever it is that I do, he's happy with what is happening,” Shuster said. “I would want him to support and be proud of the continuing on with his legacy.”

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