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Can you hear me?

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist Jeff Day — Sports Columnist The Lions and Jim Schwartz had “miscommuniction” problems once again this past Sunday afternoon at Ford Field. The problem is, nobody communictated to the Lions’ football team that there was a game against the Minnesote Vikings!

The special teams’ play was downright brutal. An opening touchdown on the first kickoff of the football game? Are you freaking kidding me? Then, a punt return later for a touchdown, too! I thought the debacle last week in Tennessee was sickening enough. Why has Danny Crossman, the special teams coach, not received the ziggy yet? I realize the players make the plays on the football field and not the coaches. However, it is the coaches’ job to put players in the right situations to make plays. It is also the coaches’ job to put the right players on the football field to make special teams plays. If the players can’t perform up to par, put someone else in who can. Where are all these dropped balls by the receivers coming from all of a sudden? It was pitiful on Sunday. Mr. Pettigrew was the leader of the dropped ball circus. Where have his hands gone all of a sudden? The quarterback play by Number Nine has been less than spectacular. I see way too many errant throws and way too many passes behind the intended targets. There was absolutely no life in the Lions’ offense Sunday against the Vikings. The Vikings are now 3-1 and Detroit is 1-3 heading into the bye week. The Lions’ season is already in serious trouble and they’ve only played four games. Football fever in Motown is right where it was the past decade; at a low roar.

I wish that I would have bagged on the Tigers earlier in the month of August about not making the playoffs. Last week, I wrote the White Sox would win the Central Division and the Tigers were done. My, oh my, how things have changed in a week. It’s Monday night and the Tigers are one win or White Sox loss from qualifying for the October baseball playoffs. I hope it’s over Monday so they can start setting up the pitching rotation.

Can Baltimore win the American League East and pull off the improbable? I hope so. More than likely, though, it will be the hated New York Yankees who win the division. If the Oakland A’s sweep the Texas Rangers, they win the American League West! Talk about the improbable happening.

Who had that prediction back in early

April? Not me.

I want to talk about Miguel

Cabrera and his quest for the

Triple Crown and American

League MVP. Miggy is the

American League MVP. All this

Mike Trout talk really irritates me. Trout has been phenomenal for the Los

Angeles Angels.

Miggy is leading his team to the


League playoffs.

That should be the deciding voters right there. October baseball in Motown! I hope.

Choke, Choke, Choke!

What am I talking about, sports fans? The 39th Ryder Cup! The Americans suffer the biggest collapse in Ryder Cup history. How about up 10-6 headed into Sunday’s action needing only 14.5 points to win and they can’t muster up 4.5 points! I’ve never seen such a choke job in my life. The Americans choked like a weekend golfer would playing for a $20 bill and missing a five-footer for the win.

The Spartans suffered a tough loss to the Buckeyes in Big Ten play last Saturday, 17-16. It was a great college football game, actually. I thought Andrew Maxwell played his best game so far. The Spartans travel to Indiana. Michigan, off a bye week, heads to Purdue. My NFL lock was a lock, as Denver crushed the Raiders. The rest of the picks not so great. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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