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Goodrich to raise school lunch prices

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GOODRICH — Students in the Goodrich School District will notice an increase in lunch prices as they return to school next week.

District Superintendent John Fazer informed the Board of Education at its Aug. 22 meeting lunch prices would be increased by 10 cents to keep in accordance with the federal government’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which mandates schools selling lunches below the federal subsidy for students from low-income families to automatically increase its prices.

“The current reimbursement rate with inflation is $2.52,” Fazer said. “We are at $2.50. By adding a dime it will bring us in compliance for reimbursed prices and you want to keep it rounded so you are not giving back pennies every day.”

The increase will bring the current lunch prices in the district to range from $2.10 to $2.85, Fazer said.

Last year, despite not being required too, the school district increased their lunch prices by 25 cents from $2.25 to $2.50, which Fazer said may have lessened the burden on families this year.

“If we hadn’t raised our lunch prices a year ago, we would be looking at quite a hefty hike, which I think would be harder for people to handle,” Fazer said.

Vice President Linda Jackson questioned where the district stood in regards to its lunch prices, even with the increase, to surrounding schools’ lunch prices.

Fazer said that Goodrich’s prices were in the middle and stated some school districts have been charging over $2.70 per lunch for a number of years.

Jean Kish, Goodrich Food Service Director, said the federal government’s mandates are an effort to get all districts to have equal lunch prices.

“Over a period of years, everyone will be at the same price regardless,” Kish said. “The most they can increase is a dime a year,” Kish said. “Over a period of years, everyone will be at the same price regardless. The amount of years to get everyone even was not given though.”

Kish said by Goodrich increasing by 10 cents this year, they should be safe from any additional increases to lunch prices for the next two years.

Local districts are reimbursed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for each lunch served to students eligible for free meals.

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