2010-05-06 / Viewpoint

Robertson’s comments tow the party line

In response to the letter from Dave Robertson, your family history was interesting to read but completely irrelevant. This is not 1957, it’s 2010 and immigration requests are not going to go away because of the National Health Care Bill.

Then there is this "Obamacare rammed through Congress" comment. During the campaign and during the past year, the president and members of Congress talked about National Health Care. Congress discussed the bill, amended it and voted on it. This is the way our system of government works.

This is no more "Obamacare" than bills passed during the Bush administration, for example the medicare drug program, the bailout of the banks, or even the war in Iraq. These came about through Congressional approval.

This administration and congress have done things that I think are bad for the country, but National Health Care is not one of them. This bill will provide some insurance for millions of Americans and tell insurance companies that they cannot discriminate.

In the long run it will be cost-effective because now uninsured people in this area go to Hurley emergency for treatment. Hurley is subsidized by our tax dollars. Having people go to doctors on a regular basis will be money better spent.

Mr. Robertson used the Republican and Democrat labels frequently as do most professional politicians, but they are the same in one important way. That is — the other side is always wrong. This is what happens when allegiance is to the party and its leaders rather than the people. — Don Becker, Grand Blanc

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