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Since when weren’t we allowed to have an opinion?

I love how it’s OK to have an opinion in the United States, as long as it falls in line with what is considered to be “mainstream” America’s opinion.

Case in point is the recent controversy over an answer to a Miss USA pageant question posed to Miss California, Carrie Prejean, that some say cost the 21-year-old the crown.

Prejean was asked by judge Perez Hilton, an openly gay celebrity blogger, about the possibility of legalizing same-sex marriages throughout the country.

She told America that marriage should be between a man and a woman while acknowledging that its great to live in a country where you can decide such things. Because of her remarks, which were true to her own beliefs, her upbringing and her faith, she reportedly lost the title and has suffered backlash from Hilton, the media and others who don’t share her viewpoint.

What’s wrong with her answer? Twenty years ago she would have been chastised for not saying something like that. I realize we are a more open and “politically correct” society these days, but how is this backlash any different to a conservative backlash to the opposite opinion?

I believe Prejean’s reply was measured, logical, intelligent, and respectful. It was not a homophobic hate speech, nothing inflammatory or even objectionable — except for expressing an opinion considered by many to be unpopular.

She simply expressed her views honestly ... what’s wrong with that? She didn’t try to shove her ideology down anyone’s throat. She never preached. If nothing else I applaud Prejean for giving a straight answer (no pun intended) rather than lying about her opinion just to placate Hilton and others. She stuck by her guns and that’s more important than winning a pageant.

Prejean’s gracious answer was not returned in kind by Hilton. Instead, he showed his lack of maturity and intellectual shallowness by unleashing a mindless tirade in which he described Prejean as having “half a brain” and being a “dumb b****.” Why would the Miss USA Pageant have such an obviously biased person as a judge?
I personally don’t care about same-sex marriage. I don’t care what Carrie Prejean thinks about the subject either. I just think its wrong for someone to be criticized so harshly for expressing her opinion when asked for it.
I think it’s more important we live in a society where people are allowed to have an opinion without there being a backlash rather than making sure two people of the same-sex can be married.

If we can’t have an independent thought, especially when we’re asked for it, then how can we have the same-sex marriage? It seems we as a society need to encourage people to have free thought, even if it deviates from what is popular at the time, before we can take a controversial step toward legalizing gay marriage. Both sides in the matter aren’t willing to let the other have a differing opinion, so how is such a concept ever going to be accepted?
Work on the idea of free thought first, then maybe as a society we can move ahead with such issues.

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